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20 Really Cool Gifts Any 12 Year Old Girl Will Love

What do you get the girl who has everything? The tweenage equivalent of an impossible dilemma. They’re not kids anymore, but they still need to be treated like adolescents in order for them not feel left out when everyone else gets gifts! We’ve compiled 20 unique presents that will make this year’s festivities extra special with our list below:

1. To My Beautiful Daughter Blanket Butterfly Flower Sherpa Blanket

The custom blankets in this big world of partiality at least offer something that belongs exclusively to a person. With your choice, you can have any Blanket made on demand with the perfect name for it! Get design To My Daughter Blanket

2. Cherry Blossom Bonsai LED Light Tree

This tree is perfect for providing a bit more light when you need it. It has 36 LED lights that will glow pink, making the branches seem like they’re decorated with stars at night! The timer can be set from 6-18 hours depending on your needs so this beauty won’t keep shining even after those all important deadlines are handed in – but don’t worry because batteries are included too (4 AA).

3. LED Photo Clip String Lights

These string lights are the perfect way to make any room feel like it’s been styled byuracy. With 20 LED bulbs that give off a warm, white glow and 3 AAA batteries for stability there will be no more bad photo shoots!

4. Lokai Bracelet

The Lokai bracelet is more than just a pretty accessory. The white and black beads contain elements from the highest and lowest points in our world, respectively: Mount Everest’s water reminder to stay humble; Dead Sea mud reminding you that hope can sometimes come through even when everything seems hopeless! This six inch size will fit most women with thin wrists aged 12-18 years old – perfect for your next shopping trip or date night out on this chic new piece !

5. Zen Desk Garden

Imagine a place where you can escape from your cares and relax. The garden provides this for all of us with its calming environment, perfect balance between nature’s beauty and manmade creations- 13 pieces in total!

6. Bath Bombs Gift Box

Bath time can be a lot of fun with these unique bath bombs! The set includes seven different shapes and scents that are made from high-quality, all natural ingredients. From lavender for relaxation to coconut sweets in the morning you’re sure find one perfect after your little ones have gone through an evening routine without them (or themselves).

7. Crystal Growing Hedgehog Kit

This fun kit includes everything she needs for growing crystal hedgehogs! You get four adorable, furry animals with beautiful spines that grow quickly and easily. Plus there’s a whole lot of other stuff too- crystals galore; seed rocks which can be put in the container garden or used as decoration on your desk at work (or both); detailed instructions telling you exactly how many hours it takes before these unique pets are ready display their majesty upon either indoor wall mountings such as shelves/ounterstops… indoors OUTDOORS?) whichever is best suited towards where they will live most

8. Galaxy Hoodie

What’s more classic than a galaxy print? The design has been around for ages and is always in style. It would be perfect to wear as an easy, everyday tie dye or even on your favorite hoodie! This particular one features the lining made from fleece which will keep you extra warm during those chilly fall nights with friends at campus game night – no matter how much alcohol gets spilled (or not). The 80/20 polyester cotton blend makes this shirt buttery soft against skin while providing durable strength so nothing breaks when accidents happen.

9. Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is the perfect gift for any pre-teen who loves to be active! The waterproof design means that they can enjoy it in poolside or beach adventures. It also has twice as much volume than your average phone, offers hands free calling so you don’t have hold anything while driving around town and 10+ hours of playback time on one charge – making this an excellent choice if their birthday comes early during summer break at school.

10. Hair Chalk

This kit is the perfect way to go extra-wild for Halloween or your daughter’s birthday slumber party! It includes ten rainbow hair chalk pens, glitter gel and light up extensions that are non-toxic and washable. A great gift idea—you’ll have all of these components on hand without having any worries about them being harmful if ingested accidentally by a child (or adult!).

11. Corgi Slippers

What’s more cuddly than a corgi? Not much! These adorable slippers will make you feel like your favorite animal, and they come in one size so it fits most people. They’re also made of super soft material that truly feels like the real thing- plus there aren’t any strings or ties to get tangled up with during playtime (and possibly hurt).

12. What Do You Meme? Family Edition Board Game

The whole family will have a blast playing this captivating card game. It’s perfect for adults and kids alike, as it requires little setup time or space to play! The best part about the meme-filled fun? You can use any caption cards dealt into each round of competition – so there’s always something new happening at your next get together with friends/family members when you host an upstairs party using these memes instead…

13. Water Bottle Craft Kit

Imagine the thrill of finding a personalized water bottle in your desk at work! This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves customization, and you can make it even more special by adding some glitter gems to really kick things up a notch. The kit includes 17-ounce stainless steel drinkware plus seven sheets of rhinestones so that every individual has their very own DIY’d out concoction – all they need now are those sparkly eyes (or contact lenses!)

14. Scooter

When it comes to transportation, the razor scooter provides a fun and stylish way of getting around. The large wheels provide an even ride that can be adjusted with height so no matter where you need go or who’s riding along this will work perfectly! This product also supports up 220 pounds making them perfect for anyone in your family–even kids!.

15. Harry Potter Box Set

The boy who was too young to be a witch or wizard has finally found his path in life with this complete set of Harry Potter books. He can read about all the magic at Hogwarts without having any disappointment! These paperback copies are sure make great birthday gifts for those kids that missed out on getting their letter last year because you won’t ever forget what happened when they were handed one piece within these pages – no matter how old we get…

16. Pastel Tie Dye T-Shirt

In the past, tie dye has been seen as a California style that is out-of date. However with this new shirt you can wear it in soft pastel colors and have eyelashes on your tshirts! The fabric of these shirts are 97% polyester 3%, spandex which gives them some stretch but also keeps its shape after washing so they don’t bag up like regular pains do when wet from sweat or moisture.”

17. Cute Portable Charger

The best gift you can give your daughter is a portable charger. It’s the perfect thing to keep her electronics powered up and it will come in handy if she goes on an adventure or needs something from bottom of bag while traveling! The cute design means that she’ll be able take this little bit everywhere without bothering anyone else, too-it has LED light so its always there when needed (even during emergencies).

18. Robot Toys

The best way to keep your pre-teen entertained is with this cool STEM robot building kit! She’ll love the Levin Micro Robotic Kit, which offers 190 pieces that can be built into 12 different shapes. It’s perfect for her imagination and creativity as she experiments how each piece goes together – making robots of all sorts including ones who go really fast or lift weights!!

19. Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is a perfect gift for the birthday girl. It has her age written on it in pretty charms, which she can wear proudly and be reminded that everyone grows up eventually! The stainless steel construction will make this piece durable enough to last through many years of adventures yet comfortable at all times too

20. Pajama Set

This pre-teen girl will feel right at home in her new pajamas. Made with soft, stretchy fabric that hugs curves perfectly and has an adorable animal print on one side or simply choose not to wear any clothing underneath! She can lounge playing Nintendo all day long or pack these bad boys for when she goes out tonight – either way you’re sure to have another happy camper sleeping over (again).