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20 Hilariously Funny Teen Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect teen gift, look no further than our list. We scoured all over to find some of today’s most ROFL-worthy items which will put a smile on their face regardless if they want it or not! Whether your budget is tight and needs something affordable or whether cash flow allows plenty of room both in price range as well as surprise factor; we’ve got just what everyone wants this year–so come take an explores us now while stocks last!!

1. Blanket Hoodie

Vanlantise Day is coming up and you want to get the man in your life a great present, but can’t decide what. Why not give him something that will make it easy for him? These custom face boxers are perfect! They’re made from soft cotton material with elastic around each leg so they fit any size or shape – even if it’s new years resolutions style changed every day before we knew better (hey there!).

2. Big Ol’ Hairy Costume Feet

We all know that teenage boys are the most loyal and enthusiastic creatures on earth. If you need gift ideas for your favorite weirdo, these Big Ol’ Hairy Feet will be a big hit! They can wear them around town or even down alleys- we’re pretty confident they’ll get an reaction from anyone who sees ’em (no matter how difficult).

3. Literary Insults Chart

These Big Ol’ Hairy Feet are the perfect gift for any weirdo in your life. They can wear them out and about or even down alleyways – we’re confident that they’ll get an reaction from everyone!
I think these would make great Christmas presents, don’t you?

4. The Manual to Manhood Book

This is a great gift for your son, especially if he’s going through the changes of puberty. It will help him understand what it takes to be an adult in today’s society and give some advice from people who have been there before!
The Manual To Manhood has all sorts helpful tips on how you can navigate through this tough time as well without having any regrets or wondering why things didn’t work out like they should…

5. Funny Homework Shirt

The last-minute homeworker will thank us later. The new Teenage Leavers T-shirt tells parents everything they need to know about how much support is needed in order for teens prepare well and graduate on time!

6. Earflap Handmade Fashion Hat

The teenage years are difficult for everyone, but negotiating with your child can be a real challenge. Imagine how pleased you would feel when they put on this hilarious hat and become the most fashionable kid in school–exceeding all expectations!

7. Shocktato Party Game

This party game is guaranteed to bring out a smile on the faces of even your most miserable teenager. Pass around Shocking Potato, waiting with bated breath whether you’ll be shocked or not!

8. Furry Feet Slippers

Got a teensy problem? Not enough room in the house for all those toys and clothes, but never fear because these hilarious slipper will solve your storage woes. Your adolescent son is going to love wearing them around while making his friends laugh when they come over – perfect gift idea!

9. Trekbest Money Maze Puzzle Box

What’s the best way to show you care this holiday season? Give an exciting, thoughtful gift! The puzzle money box is perfect for people who don’t know what they want but still need a great present. It combines puzzles and cash in one super fun package – it’ll take all their ingenuity (and maybe even some help from family members)to get that money out though; once inside however everything can stay safely tucked away until needed because no one knows how these things work except us here at adjectives dot com

10. Onerbuy Face Bank

The “Piggy Bank” is a fun, creative way to teach your kid about money. It comes with an LED light and heat sensor so it can be used while you’re cooking or doing other things around the house! The realistic face on this creepy bank makes even more of a Halloween-quality impression – perfect for any teen who loves horror movies (or just wants something unique).

11. Grump Stress Relief Putty

Relieve their stress and frustration with this Grump silly putty. Whether they’re feeling the pressures of exams, you’ve been nagging at them for days (we all know teens exaggerate), or they’ve just got a serious grump face on – we’re sure that once our customers get this cool stuff in hand it’ll be too late! The perfect teen gift idea

12. I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

Teens are constantly on the go. If you send them out without making sure they have something to keep themselves entertained, be prepared for an Excuse Me!. This shirt will show everyone just how important errands really can’t wait!

13. I Love My Mom T-Shirt

This shirt has a lot of hidden messages. The closer you look, the more jokes and puns there are to find!
A quick glance at this T-shirt will tell anyone that it’s just your average love letter written by some hormonal teenage boy who can’t think his way out from under these braces anymore–but if we take our time reading between the lines (or maybe even ask him directly), thenGood Lord does someone have feelings for their longsuffering mother?! Here she comes with both arms open wide readyto give “em one last hug before college starts…

14. Bucket of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

The unicorn trend is real, and it’s everywhere. Almost everything you can think of has been touched by this mystical being from phone cases to slippers! If your teen wants something more unique than just another hoodie or shirt with their favorite animal on it then I have just the thing-a bucket full o’ cotton candy unicorns farting away in front o’meekin out these babies

15. Stealing Panda Bear Bank

What’s your favorite animal? I think it would be awesome if we got a piggy bank with an actual BEAR hiding inside. You can put coins on top of this box and then when you want some money, The Panda Bear pops out! It’s great for people of all ages who love cute things like me-even adults might find themselves smiling while watching their smile widen as they watch those happy little bears scurry about looking at cash or precious metals (or whatever else)

16. A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book

The best thing a mother can do to help their teenager deal with life’s ups and downs is give them some time away from the stress. This coloring book, created by an artist who also has children of his/her own for this very reason; it’s supposed fly Bunny Mandala Coloring Book Stress Reliever will provide much needed de-stressing material when you feel like everything is against your little one!

17. Dabbing Taco T Shirt

We all know how much our young adults love to dab, but did you realize that there’s a whole subculture dedicated just for this? The fascination withStationary Dabbing has been going on since before we could even understand what it means. Nowadays though, many teens are showing their appreciation by wearing these taco shirts which make them look so cool and smart!
It doesn’t matter if they’re into cannabis or not – everyone will appreciate the fashion statement made here:)

18. Emoji Slippers

When it comes to grossing out your friends, there’s really no comparison. And even if you think the smell of doo-doo isn’t that bad (we know how persuasive teen boys can be), let them slip these poop slippers onto their feet so they get the message: These are NOT wearing boots made out actual poopy stuff! The input was an article about why some people love using emojis while others don’t

19. I’m Sorry Did I Just Roll My Eyes Out Loud T-Shirt

Sarcasm and eye rolls are two things that teenagers have been known for since they became the king or queen of it at 13. So, with this comes a perfect gift idea-a witty t shirt paired together in such an effective way by having both traits on one design!

20. Kitty Sky Fashion Tee

The internet is home to all kinds of cats, but when it comes down between a dog and cat video? Cats win. People love them so much that they search for “funny memes” or posts featuring those hilarious sounding feline antics at any given moment! This shirt would make an excellent gift idea if you want your teen who loves spending time on her phone during study hours (or even just seems like she does) get some mom points with this awesome t-shirt design; there’s no way someone could resist seeing how cute these already were before taking off any clothes 🙂