16 Great Gifts For People Who Love Entertaining

Sue is the ultimate host, who believes entertaining to be an art form. Whether it’s welcomed guests in her home or unexpected drop-ins for a spontaneous gathering around the kitchen table, Sue knows how to turn any occasion into cause for celebration! From preparing delicious appetizers and leaving out elegant olive plates to decorating with festive flair – she loves decor that dazzles just as much as those attending do.

Is there a special Sue in your life who loves to entertain? Whether it’s an Instant Pot or a high-end pitcher, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for them! Shine up their next soiree with one of our highly rated presents that are sure to wow any hostess. Need something more party specific? Check out 17 gifts designed just for hosting festivities — cocktail glasses not included!

An adorable plant tailored to their tastes

When hosting an event, adding aesthetic touches can go a long way in making the evening successful. Livening up your space with fresh decorations and plants is essential – they’ll instantly make it more cozy and inviting to guests! Whether you’re looking for something whimsical or elegant, The Sill has just what you need to bring some extra life into your home.

For passionate plant parents and those with a brown thumb alike, The Sill offers the perfect pick-me-up for any living space. Whether you’re looking to greenify your home on a budget or splurge on something more exquisite, there’s an array of sizes and species available suitable for everyone’s needs – plus virtual consultations that make great gifts! Let their knowledgeable staff help find the best foliage fit so adding some greenery can be no sweat at all.

Pajamas Set

Pajamas set make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Show your appreciation with a pair of stylish and comfortable sets that she can enjoy all year round. Whether it’s a cozy flannel set for winter nights or a lightweight pair for warm summer days, you’ll find something that she’ll treasure. Give her the gift of relaxation and comfort this season with a fun and cozy pajama set!

Dish towels that also teach them about wine pairing

For the ultimate housewarming gift, look no further than these unique and highly rated dish towels. Not only do they make a stunning statement when hung in kitchens, but their vibrant grids will educate hosts on which wine pairs best with any meal! Featuring information ranging from style to glass type recommended for each beverage – this is one decorative gift that does more than just dress up dinner parties: it helps create them.

A large grain cutting board that also acts as servingware

For those with limited kitchen storage, a grain cutting board is the perfect multi-use tool! Our Ironwood Acacia Wood Cutting Board doubles as an elegant serving tray and prep area. It’s uniquely textured surface adds charm to any event—just be sure not to overdo it on oil or grease when prepping food; this tender wood can easily stain if you’re using uncooked oils for cooking purposes. To keep your acacia wood looking lovely longterm, give it occasional rubs of coconut oil so that its beautiful grain stays vibrant in your household.

A smart speaker that lets them play their favorite tunes

Treat the partygoer in your life to a helpful companion that will take their hosting skills up a notch – an Amazon Echo Dot! This ultra-smart speaker is ideal for any home and provides hands free access to thousands of apps. Plus, it has glowing reviews from over 55,000 happy customers – so you know your special someone will love it too!

A subscription to a wine delivery service

Shopping for the party-lovers on your list just got a lot easier! Gift them the gift of wine with one of today’s top subscription boxes. We compared three popular options—Blue Apron, Firstleaf and HelloFresh—and found that Blue Apron takes home the crown. With 23 inviting bottles to select from as well as helpful tasting notes accompanying each selection, it offers unbeatable variety. For more personalized picks be sure to check out Firstleaf; though you won’t get quite as many selections, its customization process is super robust so their gifts will always feel tailor-made!

The world’s best kitchen tool—a dutch oven

The kitchen essential that I feel most passionate about – a Dutch oven! Whether for preparing delicious dips, sauces, stews or breads all the way up to soirees of epicurean delights; it’s an absolute must-have. And when it comes to shopping around for one, there are plenty of options worth considering—we suggest checking out Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte (for those willing and able: $$$$) as well as Lodge Round ($55 on Amazon). Personally though? Cuisinart’s version is my go-to pick and runs less than $40. Not only do you get amazing cooking results each time but also satisfaction knowing your pocket remains fuller too!

This graphite pitcher that’s both beautiful and functional

The Home Depot’s top-rated pitcher is an elegant addition to any cook or entertainer’s kitchen. With eleven colors to choose from, you can select the perfect hue for your giftee that matches their existing décor – my mother included! Crafted with graphite and boasting a stunning finish, this vessel will bring gracefulness and style into their home; however it must be handled carefully in order not to cause scratches. So no matter how many times mom washes her dishes by hand, she won’t have worry about discoloration when displaying this gorgeous piece of serveware on her counters.

A serving rack that can be used for sweets, apps, and small bites

This stunning three-tier cake stand is the perfect addition for any event! Whether you are hosting an elegant dinner party or a fun kid’s birthday celebration, this stylish display can be dressed up with savory appetizers and tidbits -or topped off with cupcakes to satisfy every sweet tooth. Reviewers laud its versatility as it pairs equally well in casual or formal settings, making it your go-to accessory all year long.

Our favorite pressure cooker: the Instant Pot

Hosts rejoice! No more agonizing over the pile of dirty dishes – we’ve found a solution that will save your sanity and keep you from lots of extra scrubbing. The Instant Pot Ultra is here to stay, giving home chefs the power to whip up delicious meals with ease in no time at all. With its wide array of programmable options, it’s easy for hosts to set-it-and forget-it while they cook up feasts faster than ever before – so say goodbye to hours spent washing those pesky plates and hello hassle free meal prepping!

A classic Crock Pot for those who love their dips

Treat your loved one to slow-cooked goodness with this amazing 7-quart Crock Pot! Get creative and whip up delicious dips or appetizers that can roast away all day. This easy-to-use, lightweight product is the perfect choice for convenience at an unbeatable value—providing hours of effortless cooking time for those special meals you deserve.

A hilarious book that teaches them to make delicious cocktails

Show appreciation for the entertainer in your life with Tequila Mockingbird, an adorned cocktail book from Amazon! Your friend/family member will laugh out loud at its pun-filled title and discover a wide array of unique drinks within. Not only is it ideal to bring on any nightcap gathering that may occur, but this humorous item also looks great adorning bookshelves or coffee tables – cheers to love and laughter shared through drink names alone!

This pistachio pedestal that’s as useful as it is cool

Looking for a special present to give your party-loving friend? This pistachio pedestal makes the perfect gift! Its innovative design lets people munch away without leaving behind piles of shells. With more than 800 glowing reviews and a 4.8 star rating, it’s no wonder why this has become an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys throwing parties in their own home – let them enjoy snack time with all the benefits and none of the fuss!


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