15 gifts true fans of ‘The Office’ need in their lives

The Office fanatics are an incredibly devoted bunch, and their dedication is finally being rewarded! Whether it’s going to the trivia nights or wearing Dwight Schrute masks at conventions – they’ve made sure The Office legacy will live on.

Bring the gang back together! Fans of The Office have a chance to reunite with their favorite Dunder Mifflin employees and show appreciation for this beloved sitcom through its merch. Although there is no current reboot on the horizon, you can still celebrate your affinity for everyone’s favorite mockumentary by spoiling yourself or that special someone in life with something from The Office line. Are you looking for the perfect gift to make a true fan of The Office smile? Look no further! From books and apparel, candles that perfectly set any atmosphere during an important meeting, gift cards so they can pick out their own Dundie worthy gifts or even personalized awards- these 15 items will have someone loving Pretzel Day as much as Stanley!

Blue Light Reading Glasses

Make the reading experience easier and more comfortable for your loved ones this holiday season with blue light reading glasses. These special glasses are designed to eliminate eye strain caused by prolonged hours of reading in front of digital devices like tablets and e-readers. The lenses feature a filter that blocks out the harmful rays of blue light that can cause headaches and dry eyes after long periods of use. Your friends and family will appreciate being able to enjoy their books, newspapers, or magazines without having to worry about eye fatigue while also looking stylish!

The Office Funko Pop! figures

Got a fan of The Office in your life? You won’t be hearing any objections when you give them the perfect gift – Funko’s line of nostalgic Pop! figures featuring their favorite characters. From Michael Scott and Dwight K. Schrute to Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly and even Toby Flenderson (in all his awkward glory,) there’s something here that’ll remind anyone why they were so devoted to this hilarious show for nine seasons!

A book written by a cast member

If you’re a fan of The Office and want something new, why not pick up one (or more!) books by the cast? BJ Novak offers One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories as well as Book With No Pictures. Mindy Kaling has written Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) plus Why Not Me?, while Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions or his autobiographical work, The Bassoon King may pique your interest. And don’t forget Jenna Fischer & Ellie Kemper – they’ve each penned their own memoirs;The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide and My Squir respectively!

A Serenity by Jan candle

For The Office fans frustrated by the everyday grind, there’s a special way to recapture that feeling of serenity…Serenity by Jan! Inspired off an iconic episode ‘Dinner Party’, PopCultureCandleCo has released their handmade Bonfire-scented candle as a nod to this fictional line. Let your favorite fan relax and escape with the calming scent of nostalgia – perfect for those hoping to rekindle peaceful days amidst heated moments.

A motivational quote poster

If you’re looking for a way to add humor and inspiration to any wall, why not look no further than the iconic Michael Scott quote “Hey! You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Seize this opportunity – all it takes is a simple frame, and voilà; your living room can now enjoy an inspirational reminder with some classy comic relief.

A gift card to Chili’s

If you’re an avid fan of The Office, a trip to Chili’s is practically obligatory. After all, how else can one truly appreciate the classic episode “The Dundies?” Treat yourself or your favorite Office aficionado with a gift card that ensures their first two drinks are accounted for! Not only that – after many long years in 2017 Pam Beesly was finally officially welcomed into any and every Chili’s locale across the land.

Green ceramic teapot

Show that special someone they hold a place in your heart with the perfect holiday present! Surprise them this season with a sea foam green ceramic teapot like Jim got Pam – complete with bonus gifts tucked inside. It’s guaranteed to evoke lasting memories and warm feelings of appreciation for years to come.

The Office themed poetry magnets

Surprise the special person in your life with a unique present this season – poetry magnets inspired by their favorite show, The Office! With these magnets, you can express yourself creatively and recreate iconic quotes from our beloved characters. And if that wasn’t enough – there’s no limit to what stories you can create on any magnetic surface. Give them something truly one-of-a-kind today!

A personalized Dundie Award

Surprise the Office fan in your life with a special Dundie award – an awesomely unique gift that is small yet meaningful! Choose from our wide selection of superlatives then customize it by engraving their name on the tag for extra personalization. Get yours today and show someone how much you appreciate them!

A Dwight bobblehead

Make someone the proud owner of an iconic memento from The Office! Whether you opt for a Dwight bobblehead or choose to get creative and craft one modeled after your friend, it’s sure to be a hit. It may even bring back fond memories of when Angela gifted him his own—which we all know was much appreciated by everyone’s favorite office curmudgeon.

A gorgeous sequin pillow

Look no further for the perfect way to express your love of The Office! Sequin pillows are everywhere, with tons of options available online. Have fun playing and laughing at these tasteful accessories – from classic throw-pillow designs to Jim Halpert inspired pieces that will make you smile every time you see them on your couch or bed. Put in some effortless decorating magic today by adding a reversible sequin pillow into the mix!

Some Dunder Mifflin apparel

Show your Dunder Mifflin pride with this stylish baseball henley from the NBC Store! This apparel is a must-have for any fan of The Office, and its stunning color scheme will have you feeling like part of Michael Scott’s own Scranton sports team in no time. Get shopping now to complete your show-inspired wardrobe!

The Office themed stickers

Bring a little whimsy and personality to your everyday items with these 50 fun, Office-themed stickers from Acekar! Stickers are not just for kids – they make perfect gifts that can be used to add an extra layer of creativity and originality to otherwise mundane laptops, notebooks or Hydro Flasks. Get the best variety package deal around — it’s sure to give you bang for your buck!

A Jell-O mold

Don’t know what to get the Office fan in your life? Get creative and invest in a unique gift they won’t forget! Following Jim Halpert’s lead, purchase a large bowl or dessert mold and use it to make an unforgettable Jell-O masterpiece – complete with gelatin base and surprise stapler. Your prankster pal will love this sassy spin on classic snack making.

A World’s Best Boss mug

Don’t know what to get the Office fan in your life? Get creative and invest in a unique gift they won’t forget! Following Jim Halpert’s lead, purchase a large bowl or dessert mold and use it to make an unforgettable Jell-O masterpiece – complete with gelatin base and surprise stapler. Your prankster pal will love this sassy spin on classic snack making.

The complete series on DVD

A bittersweet announcement was made not long ago: The Office will be departing its comfortable home on Netflix come 2021, much to the chagrin of devoted fans who weren’t excited about having yet another subscription service. For those faithful viewers with a DVD player in tow, why not show your appreciation and give them the complete series box set? Not only does it make for an awesome gift – you also get access to all sorts of hidden gems such as deleted scenes, commentary tracks, and bloopers that are sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment!


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